Symposium, May 19-21 2003



We are pleased to report that our inaugural symposium took place May 19-21, 2003. This exciting event celebrated the official launch of the Morphogenesis and Regenerative Medicine Institute at the University of Virginia.

The goal for this first symposium was to showcase some of the best research performed in morphogenesis and regenerative medicine. Our speakers covered a wide range of topics such as

  • cell biology of tissue structure
  • morphogenetic movements
  • patterning and morphogens
  • organogenesis
  • stem cell biology
  • tissue homeostasis and disease
  • tissue engineering and biomaterials

There was also a poster session with fifty posters submitted by symposium participants.

The symposium brought together investigators from all over the world who are interested in the study of morphogenesis and its many practical applications.

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Dr Wieschaus

Dr Schier

Dr Heasman

Dr Odell

Dr Adler

Dr Takeichi

Dr Constantini

Dr Anderson

Dr Ferguson

Dr Clevers

Dr Dieterlen

Dr Hubbell

Dr Blau

Dr Spradling

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